For fourteen days, we tried the lemonade diet. Here are our results.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Day 8- The Lemonade diet

The first time in 7 days with no lemonade drink. Just orange juice all day! It was quite refreshing to have a change, and quite nice actually as well. I really like orange juice, and didn't really feel hungry at all during the day. I can see how people doing this for 10 days just come to a peace with it around day 7. Maybe some time I will do this for 10 days, but I think 7 was actually pretty good!

In the evening, drinking the vegetable broth is quite interesting. Carrie added a very minimal amount of pepper, but it tastes quite strong. Interesting how the taste buds have become more sensitive. I wonder how spicy food will taste?

The stomach seems to really kind of clamp down around the vegetable broth... don't know if that's a good thing, or a normal thing, or what, but I think it tastes good, so I'm happy to be drinking it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what ended up happening? How much total weight did you lose? How much did carrie lose? Did you workout everyday? Did you gain the weight back? Your blog was very interesting!

9:05 AM

Blogger strive4impact said...

I need to re-do a lot of things on this blog, but in answer to the questions...

I lost about 18 pounds, 6 of which came back right away, once we started eating sold food again. Carrie lost about 14 pounds, 5 or so came back when we started eating solid food again.

We did work out basically every day, which was quite challenging a few days when the body just felt completely lethargic.

Both of us lost weight, but the goal wasn't as much to lose weight as to cleanse and to get a good kick off for our Kili climb. In answer to the question though, we did keep the weight off throughout the trip, and then kind of took a month off from really doing anything when we got back home from our trip (, so the weight came back on for both of us.

But I really like the cleanse from a cleansing perspective, and will likely do it again (Carrie may as well, although I don't think she liked it as much). When I do it again, I will do a better job of tracking the results and reporting them!

2:00 PM


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