For fourteen days, we tried the lemonade diet. Here are our results.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Day 5 - The Lemonade Diet End of Day 5

It's the end of day five, and I really don't feel hungry. Actually, my stomach is a little unhappy.

I'm glad I didn't take the "Smooth Move Tea". Well, maybe not glad exactly, but I don't think I needed the "smooth move" tea, as I seem to have had my own little "smooth move" tonight (if you catch my drift). No? Everything came pouring out in one fell swoop. Which didn't take long, because there wasn't much in me, since it's been since last Tuesday (almost 6 days ago now), that I ate solid food.

Today, have been feeling pretty decent, pretty alert, but also pretty lethargic. Carrie and I went to the gym and I got on the stairclimber for 20 minutes and then we lifted weights... which was good... but I definitely feel pretty tired tonight. I don't know if that's a function on having gone skiing yesterday, or the workout today, or the lemonade diet, or some combination thereof.

However, RESULTS! Carrie and I both got on the scale at the gym. I'm 13-14 lbs. lighter than when we started, and Carrie's 11-12 lbs lighter than when we started. So, that's very good progress.

2 More days to go, since we've decided to cut this a bit shorter than the full 10 days.


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