For fourteen days, we tried the lemonade diet. Here are our results.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Day 2 - The Lemonade Diet

So far, this is not that difficult... I don't think anyway. I have gotten a grumbly tummy on a few occasions today though. For Carrie, it's hard when she's home alone, because there's food here to eat. For me, it was more difficult when I went to the mall today, and Panda Express was offering free samples. Boy, they smelled good.

But, it's all good. We are looking forward to getting fantastic results from this!

Back to the lemonade dinner!


Anonymous Sammy said...

I dont no if anyone is still on this wedbsite but I just have a few questions about the Lemonade Diet. I am actually planning on starting it this coming monday Jan 8th 07. Now for the diet is that absolutely the only thing that the diet consists of for your whole day? Is it something that i am supossed to work up to or it just starts out that way. It would be greatful for some feed back from someone who has sucessfully gone through this process.


4:43 PM

Blogger strive4impact said...

Hi Sammy!

As far as being on the "diet" itself, yes. The lemonade drink (and/or water) is the only thing that you have all day.

The first day, we did just fruit juices, mostly orange juice, and then we started into the lemonade drink on day 2.

Hope that's helpful!

There's a book on this called The Master Cleanse which you may want to pick up!

(Oh, and by the way, your friends/family may think what you're doing is weird. Don't worry about them... hang something on your wall which says "I am insensitive to the negative opinion of those who do not have a vested interest in my success.")

4:08 PM


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