For fourteen days, we tried the lemonade diet. Here are our results.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Trials of the Lemonade Diet Day 3 and Day 4

Day 5

You may notice that this blog is a little wanting for posts from Day3 and day 4 of the lemonade diet.

That is because on the evening of Day3, Carrie and I went to a party. At this party, there was a significant amount of junk food. And the place had such wonderful food smells. And neither one of us could eat any of it. I also met with Dave Taylor (who is SOOOO cool by the way), at a coffee shop in Boulder, and I would have loved to have gotten a Chai Tea or other sweet and hot drink...

So that was a bit challenging.

Then yesterday, on Day 4, I went skiing with my parents, brothers, and sister. This was great because it was a BIG distraction. It was NOT great, because riding up in the car in the morning, I spent a good amount of time explaining what the lemonade diet was, and why I was doing it.

And that's difficult. I don't know 100% of the information about this particular cleanse, because it's my first time doing it, and, my "Why I'm doing it" is not very strong.

At lunch, they had pizza. The kind of pizza with cheese that stretches when you pull it, and toppings that make your mouth water just from looking at them, and yes, even with the crust that makes you think you've died and landed in heaven, (which it turns out is actually a German bakery). And I wanted them to eat whatever they wanted, but I definitely wanted a piece. Pizza IS one of my favorite foods, after all!

Oh, the other thing that made it difficult was that I had only taken 64 ounces of the lemonade drink for the entire day. Now, 64 oz. might be plenty when you're eating food, but when it's all that you're eating the whole day, it's not a lot.

So I drank about half of the lemonade before lunch time even arrived (I carried it with me while skiing), so at lunch time, I filled the bottle with water, and had a 50% diluted lemonade diet drink. Which was fine by me.

At the end of the day, as skiing wrapped up, everyone went inside to a restaurant, because we were watching ski jumping at Keystone. The jumping was awesome!

Unfortunately however, it took at least 20 minutes to get a glass of water and some lemons (service was not great, and the restaurant was slammed), and most of my 50% diluted lemonade was already gone. The place was actually a pizza restaurant, so during that 20 minutes, more pizza was being consumed all around me, and wings, etc.

And what's interesting is that my sense of smell for food seems to be extremely heightened, which makes sense... but in that environment, it was difficult not to just break down and eat something.

My family ordered nachos, and someone offered me some. Yes, I would love some, but "no, thank-you."

It didn't help that someone also said something to the effect of "It's been 3 days on your cleanse, I think that's long enough... don't you?" Of course it was all said in niceness, but it's interesting and sort of difficult to hear when you're trying to avoid shoving every last bite of nacho and chips into your mouth.

On the way back from skiing, my family stopped for dinner, and it was close to our house, so Carrie came and picked me up from the restaurant.

When I got back from skiing, and Carrie and I were talking, she told me that during the day (on Day 4), she had gotten a bit sick, and had also realized that her "Why I'm doing it" could be accomplished through other means.

So, to be honest, we got a bit discouraged.

We both experienced this inner conflict of "I really want to finish what I started" and "I really don't want to continue doing this."

So, we came up with a compromise. We will continue the lemonade diet for three more days, which will mean that we have been on it for 7 days total.


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